Our Services

Allen Machine Products specializes in a vast array of fabrication services. Equipped with high-end, in-house, state of the art equipment, our fabrication and assembly capabilities span a wide array of materials and processes that serve a multitude of industries.

CNC Machining

Allen Machine Products is equipped with an extensive line of machine shop equipment. Our high speed, four pallet machine allows us the ability to run multiple jobs at the same time and reduces our set-up time. With our 145" long bend CNC Machine, we also have the ability to machine large parts so any assembly is possible. The combined capabilities and output capacity of our machines allows for top quality pieces produced quickly to provide maximum productivity.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Though Allen Machine Products is capable of fabricating any and all materials, we offer a great deal of sheet metal fabrication processes. With eight-axis bending machines, shears and punches capable of working sheet metal 1/2" thick and up to 10' wide, laser and plasma cutting, press brake forming, roll forming, and spinning, we can meet all your sheet metal fabrication needs.


Allen Machine Products' services don't stop with just machining. Our finishing capabilities allow us to take your products through to completion. Grinding, polishing and even cleaning are just a few of the finishing processes we offer. We also offer electro and electroless plating in a variety of substances from copper, brass, and bronze to various alloys and much more. Allen Machine Products is also capable of paint jobs in powder coat and wet coat for both large and small assembly pieces. Allen Machine Products will even custom match any paint color your assemblies may require.

Design & Inspection

Allen Machine Products looks to be the one-stop shop for all your assembly needs. In keeping with this goal, we work to be a part of your project from start to finish. We work with you to cover every aspect of your design needs to insure your finished product is to your exact specifications. Whether you prefer 3D solid modeling, sketches, state of the art CAD/CAM systems and design software, or all of the above, our goal is to make any assembly you need a reality.

Additionally, Allen Machine Products takes pride in including our own inspection services as part of the assembly process. Making sure your pieces meet industry standards as well as our own standards insures that you receive the best in quality workmanship and service from start to finish.